Archive: February, 2015


Posted on 02/25/15 by Thom

Over time equipment wears out, yours, mine, ours and even theirs. Big companies (huge companies) just sell off the old stock and replace it with new stuff but even they have to service the equipment from time to time. Whilst technology is forever moving on, thrusting relentlessly forward and companies like us do still have […]

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The Six Wheeled Wonder

Posted on 02/13/15 by Thom

For those of you following us on twitter @classactevents (quite often #killerqueenlive), you may have noticed, we have a “new toy”.  We have posted a couple of pictures showing her in action and being enjoyed by 6 men late at night coming back from a Killer Queen gig.  What’s going on I hear you say! […]

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Fantastic Killer Queen gigs! And so much more……

Posted on 02/03/15 by Thom

For those of you who went or followed us @classactevents  and @KillerQueenUK you will know what awesome events these are.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, no worries, we have further dates at venues near you, or follow us and still be involved.  Now we are rolling on to Swansea Theatre @ SwanseaGrand […]

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