Audio Visual & LED Screens

A conference or a stage show requires the correct Audio Visual to make it shine. From a basic Power Point to a full blown multimedia extravaganza we have the skills and equipment to meet your every need.

Nissan Hedsor 2015-1a2


Big Screen – Big Ideas

Our 10mm Pitch LED screen is available now for hire (with an Engineer) to all our customers old and new.

The screen is made up of 12 smaller screens and can be configured in many different ways.  As one screen it is 4.1 meters wide and 2.3 meters high.  The P10 pixel wall is easily bright enough to be seen in bright daylight.

It can be seen in the RMAS build video in the gallery or shown in the picture on this page in one of the ‘split’ configurations.

Our 40mm Pitch ‘Pixel Mesh’ is a lower resolution option also capable of running full video display and can be used as a backdrop or highlight to a stage or in conjunction with the 10mm Pitch LED Screen or indeed projected images from other sources. We have used this mix of pitches on many occasions and regularly use it for the Killer Queen Tribute touring show.

KQ Cardiff 2014 LED 1

KQ Cardiff 2014 LED 3